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                                    The Integrated Power Supply For Indian Railways  
  The IPS system is a custom-built solution to feed various ckts of the entire Railway signaling system. The Power supply requirements of the signalling system are both AC and DC power of varying voltage and power. In addition to above the said power supply has to with stand hostile environmental conditions like temp, humidity, dust, vibration, high surges on incoming lines. Catering to all these, the STATCON’s IPS are designed to give reliable power for various outgoing circuits. It is designed to withstand the rigorous environmental conditions and still provide flexibility to the user for varying application to the extent that each IPS is configured and manufactured to meet - particuler station load requirements. A typical block schematic of an IPS system is shown blow:-  
  The block drawing shown above depicts basic elements of an IPS system and their interconnection. The single phase AC supply is rectified using Rectifier modules and it feeds to the 110V DC bus. These modules are used in N+1 configuration such that failure of any one module does not hamper working of the entire system. This 110V DC bus is also used to charge the 110V Battery Bank connected.  
  In order to achieve isolated variable DC voltages for various circuits like Relay Internal, Relay External, Axle counter, SSI, Block instruments, Block Tele etc. nos. of DC-DC converters are used in N+1 configuration to achieve supply for individual circuits. In case of Ac mains failure or any one of the DC-DC converter module failure the supply to all DC ckts remains un-interrupted. In order to get reliable, un-interrupted AC supply 2 Nos. inverters connected in redunttant - mode are used working on 110V DC bus as shown above. Each inverter gives 230V AC output. The output of the inverter is extended to signal (and or AFTC circuits as the case may be) circuits through galvanically Isolated 230V/110V transformer modules. Thus in case of failure of any one of the inverter, load is automatically transferred to standby inverter. Provision is made such that in case of failure of both inverters or Battery failure, the 230V mains can be automatically transferred to these transformer input automatically. This AC mains is fed through Ferro- resonant voltage stabilizer (upto 5 KVA AC load) or servo-stabilizer. In order to cater for track circuit loads (if required) the AC mains is directly fed through stabilizer or isolation transformers. Failures of all types of modules is extended as fault signal and is extended to ASM (Asst. Station Master) and potential free contracts are made available for their remote monitoring.  
  The battery status is also monitored and potential free contracts for various state of charge of battery are available which can be displayed at any remote place (through wire). All modules are easily replaceable and their status are displayed on front of each module. The whole IPS system is free standing panel. Depending upon station configuration, the IPS system can be designed as nos of Rectifier modules, DC-DC converters, Inverter etc. may change. Lightning and surge protection are provided at incoming AC line. Surge protection are also provided at 110V DC and all outgoing circuits. The IPS systems are already in use with Indian Railway and working in more than 450 stations.throughout the length & breath of the country. Various modules of the IPS are explained below :-  
  The High Frequency, High Efficiency Compact Rectifier  
STATCON offers SMPS based Rectifier Module of 110V/50Amp capacity. The rectifier module is compact and light weight module with facility to parallel nos. of them for load sharing.

The SMPS technology allows switching at >80 KHz. frequency. The unique automatic Power factor correction circuit not only maintains power factors. close to unity ( ~0.99 ) but reduces.
input line current harmonics within 10%. It is designed to work over very wide input voltage range of 150V-275V. The rectifier module is also provided with meter to measure its output voltage and current. Specially designed filter are used at its input to suppress EMI/RFI radiation. In addition to above surge suppression circuit is used both at input and output lines of this rectifier module.
  High Reliability, Wide range DC-DC Converters  
STATCON offers custom built DC-DC converter modules based on high frequency technology. Capable of supplying wide output variation in various modules e.g. 12V-40V / 20V-32V / 60V-100V / 44V-65V / 3V-6V DC. The DC-DC Converters are capable of working over 94V to 135V input DC voltage giving variable outputs. The high frequency switching technology makes them compact and light weight. Between input and output galvanic isolation is provided which can upto 1500V.

Individual modules are provided with voltage adjustment potentiometers and active load sharing circuit in each module enables equal sharing with ± 10% tolerance while working in parallel. Thus nos. of modules can be used in parallel to enhance the output power requirement. Protection against under voltage and over voltage are provided at input while output over voltage protection is provided in individual module such that the depending upon the output voltage selected, this over voltage trip level is set at (+) 10% automatically
Specially designed IGBT based PWM Inverter ckt. is used to give 230V AC, 1Ø, sine with output. It works our input range of 95V to 135V DC and will trip off if input goes out of range specified.

     The AC output so obtained is well regulated with low distortion and good transient and overload capabilities. Protection are provided at output and it is full safe for the (signal SSI) loads connected at its output. In Indian Railway upto 5KVA, 1Ø ratings are used however high ratings in both 1Ø and 3Ø output are also available as per the requirement.
The voltage stabilizer is 1Ø, Ferro-resent volatge stabilizer which is very nagged in design and provides well regulated and galvanically isolated sineware output. It gives 230V AC sinusoidal output against 160V - 270V varying AC supply. It provide overload and short ckt protection at ouput.
This isolation transformer module available in 500VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2500VA, 3000VA and 3500VA is used to give galvanically isolated 110V AC from 230V AC line.

It is high efficiency transformer with very low no load current and good regulation. Tappings are also provided on primary and secondry so as to adjust the output upto the signal post.
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