AN ISO 9001 : 2008 Welcome to Statcon, We have complete range of Power Backup Solution for Defence, Railway, Power Sector, Telecomunication and all type of Industries.  
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Integrated Power Supply (IPS) System 220V / 850 Amps. Battery Charger
  Integrated Power Supply for Railway Signaling installations. Designed as per Indian Railway Standards, consisting of SMPS type 110V / 20A SMR modules, DC- DC converters, Inverters, Ferro-Resonant Stabilizers, and Transformers etc. suitable for use with SSI, RRI, Panel Interlocking, and level crossing applications.
  Thyristor controlled Float-Boost Battery charger for Thermal / Hydro / Other Power generating Station sub-station, C&I and Other. Range 24V/2500 Amps. to 220V /1000 Amps. Other rating also available on request.Even DC regulated high power supplies / rectifier are also available based on same technology or SMPS type are available to meet power sector requirements.
  Ground Power Unit (GPU)   Battery Capacity Tester  
  Ground Power Unit (GPU) is used for ground starting and maintenance of Aircraft. It is self propelled unit mounted on moving Trolley and gives 400Hz. AC as well as 28V DC (up to 1250 Amps). Suitable for Russian and other Aircrafts, Helicopters.
GPU for other defence as well as commercial Aircrafts is also under development.
  Battery Capacity Tester Designed to Test Aircraft Batteries, Finds applications in other Industrial segments, Test Houses too. Gives accurate battery capacity by discharging it using buit-in solid state load. Can be used to check full bank or single cell of Lead acid / Ni-Cd / silver zinc type.
Range - from 24V to 48V, up to 100Amp.
  Battery Management System   Solid State Loads  
  Battery Management System is used to monitor the battery Bank or any Cell. It helps in remote monitoring of cell and can detect a faulty cell before the whole bank fails to deliver. Can be used for remote monitoring in Telecom, Railway, UPS, or Power application Batteries
  Solid state loads are fully solid DC state loads used to test any DC ckt.

Range varies from 24V to 220V and current varies from 20A to 400 Amps. Other ranges are also possible for above product on request.
  30V / 25 Amps. Battery Charger   48V DC SMPS Module  
  Thyristor controlled Float-cum- Boost Battery charger for Sub- Station /Transmission & distribution station and Other indutrial applications.

Range - 24V / 30V, 48V in 15A, 20A, 30A, 40A, 50A and 100Amps. Other rating also available on request.
  48V / 24V SMPS based DC Power Plant for Telecom application. uses SMPS modules with centrallised control. Having approvels with Indian Railways also. Rantinges available for 50A to 1000Amps.using 12.5 100Amps. modules.
  Electronic Charging Module (Board)   Power Supply For Aircraft  
  24V Electronic charging module (Board) for battery charging station of IAF / Army. Having capacity to charge 6V, 12V, 24V Battery Bank in the Battery charging room of Aircraft Base Repair Depot. It replaces the existing manually controllised resistance type charging Boards.
  High current precition DC power supply for Aircraft manufacturing / starting / maintenance. Used for SU-30 Aircraft by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. This unit delivers 28V upto 1000A continouslywith high accuracy and very low ripple. Suitable for use with two Aircrafts simultaneously.
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